Published On: Wed, Jun 27th, 2018

WIN! A gluten-free hamper from Santa Maria – worth £20!

We’re giving three lucky readers the chance to win a taste of Latin America with one of three fabulous hampers worth £20 each from Santa Maria

santa maria gluten-free hamper

Latin America, as we all know, is a place of music, dancing, sport and the occasional carnival, but beyond Mexico few know the wonderful regional cuisine it has to offer. Santa Maria has done the hard work of exploration and preparation for you, cooking up a range of tasty sauces and seasonings from that colourful continent. 

The Santa Maria Latin American Kitchen range takes your taste-buds on a tour of bright Latin flavours from Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Costa Rica and beyond. Whether it’s the striking Indian influence on Caribbean cooking, or the way Spanish and Portuguese recipes have been adapted to local ingredients or combined with indigenous styles, all these countries have intriguing cuisines and the wild variety of flavours to match.

To win one of three fabulous hampers from Santa Maria worth £20 each, answer this simple question to enter:

In which Latin American country is Portuguese the official language?

  • Brazil
  • Argentina
  • Peru