Your Gluten-Free Christmas Guide

gluten-free christmas recipes

Take the stress out of Christmas with helpful hints and must-have recipes in this gluten-free Christmas guide from Coeliac UK Easy gluten-free recipes to get you through the festive season With so much of the festive season focused around food and entertaining, being gluten-free can be less than joyful. However, Coeliac UK, the national charity […]

Top tips for a spooktacular gluten-free Halloween

Halloween is fast becoming a popular tradition in the UK, so why not join in the fun with some of these suggestions from Claire Latham? Once a Celtic festival that has become increasingly Americanised, there are certain traditions that are observed each year such as dressing up and eating sweets that originate from its’ Celtic […]

How to go gluten-free healthily

How to go gluten-free healthily

Before starting a gluten-free diet, for whatever reason, it’s important to speak to a dietician or a doctor. Here Dr Eleanor Atkins shows us how you can make the transition both easily and healthily… Having coeliac disease or a gluten intolerance doesn’t have to mean eating unhealthily. There are plenty of ways to ensure you […]

Stocking a gluten-free kitchen cupboard

gluten-free essentials

Cooking or baking gluten-free food means ensuring all your ingredients are gluten-free. Coeliac UK’s Norma McGough gives some helpful tips for stocking your kitchen cupboard… Q) What gluten free grains and flours can I stock? A) Always make sure you choose flours and any other products made from flour such as pasta, cakes, biscuits, crackers and breakfast […]

Everything you need to know about gluten-free flours

facts about gluten-free flours

The Free From Fairy, Vicki Montagu, talks us through how she came to develop her own gluten-free flours… I’m a self-confessed gluten-free flour geek. In my defence I am a scientist by training. However, I could never entertain the idea of working in a laboratory every day of the week with only test tubes and […]

Living healthily on a gluten-free diet: What you need to know

healthy gluten-free diet

To maximise the benefits of cutting out gluten because of coeliac disease or other health reasons, you’ve got to pay attention to your overall diet. Norma McGough tells us the key things you need to know… Q There’s confusion around oats. Can they be included on a gluten-free diet? Oats are not related to gluten-containing grains […]

Managing your food allergy: Our recipe to success

Managing your food allergy: Our recipe to success

Managing a food allergy can present lots of challenges and obstacles, but it doesn’t have to mean you miss out on delicious meals, social occasions and dining out.  Allergy UK is the leading national charity for people affected by allergy in the UK and here, the charity provides advice on cooking and eating out with […]