Busting the myths about gluten-free diets

Ali Walsh gets to the bottom of some of the myths and truths from living on a gluten-free diet… Ali Walsh explains the 15 myths about gluten-free diets and where the truth lies… Recently I went to a reflexologist who said she could rid me of my coeliac disease. Then she casually mentioned she could […]

Natural methods to boost your winter health

Winter is coming: brace yourselves the natural way, boost your winter health Summer is over and winter has begun casting its icy shadows over our immune systems. Charlotte Willis guides you through the best natural methods to boost your winter health over the cooler days… There’s something quite romantic about winter days. The chilling air […]

How to support someone with coeliac disease

Beth gives us some advice on how to support someone with coeliac disease and explains what NCGS is… Beth from Positive Plate Nutrition discusses how to support someone with coeliac disease and explains what Non Coeliac Gluten Sensitivity is… Having a friend or family member that can you support you as a coeliac is a great […]

Why removing gluten might not be enough for coeliac disease

removing gluten

Beth from Positive Plate Nutrition explains why removing gluten from your diet may not be enough to combat coeliac disease symptoms Today, I’m talking about something called coeliac cross reactivity. There are certain proteins in other foods (usually grains or pseudo-grains) which are structurally or molecularly similar to gliadin, the protein which causes a reaction in […]

Following a Vegan and Gluten-Free Diet

This World Vegan Day, consider trying more vegan options. Beth Raven gives us the low down on eating vegan and gluten-free… A vegan diet is one that excludes all animal products such as meat, dairy and eggs and includes only plant foods such as fruit, vegetables, grains and nuts. What does it mean to be […]

Do I have coeliac disease?

Coeliac disease is an autoimmune disorder which affects a person’s ability to digest the main protein found in gluten called gliadin. This protein is mistaken as an invader and the body starts to attack the lining of the small intestine in a bid to rid the body of the foreign object. This sets off an […]

Been ‘Glutened’? Here’s what to do next…

It can be a real challenge to completely avoid gluten, so here are eight simple action steps to take in the event of accidentally consuming gluten or if cross-contamination occurs. The side effects of being ‘glutened’, ie. accidental gluten contamination, vary from person to person in symptoms and severity. If you are a coeliac your […]

Consultation on proposed changes to gluten free prescriptions

gluten free prescription

NHS Buckinghamshire has launched a consultation on the proposed changes to gluten-free prescriptions As gluten free prescriptions for patients in Buckinghamshire face cuts, NHS Buckinghamshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is consulting with the local community. They want to assess their views on the prescription of gluten-free food in the area, with the possibility of removing […]

Living with an invisible disease

invisible disease

Ali Walsh finds out the things you can’t see are the ones that matter the most… Have you ever played a game of, “Which would you rather?” Generally, it’s a pub-style game where you’re given two ridiculous options to choose between. “Would you rather be set upon by a tiger or swallowed whole by a […]

Scientists can now detect gluten in any food

This new way to detect gluten should make it easier for food companies to correctly label food The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) have announced that they’re now able to detect gluten in new grains. Previously CSIRO had been able to detect gluten in wheat, barley, and oats. Now, they can also add […]