Go Sober In January with St Peter’s Without

St Peter's Without

If your new year’s resolution is to ditch the booze, then St Peter’s Without® 0.0% alcohol beer is the perfect choice to get you through Dry January and beyond.   St Peter’s brews three delicious alcohol-free beers: Without® Original and Without® Gold and Without® Elderberry & Raspberry, offering a delicious choice for both ale and […]

Christmas Mule

Snowglobe Gin

This delightful and warming cocktail with ginger beer, gin, orange and mint from Snow Globe Gin is perfect for a Christmas Eve tipple. Christmas gin and ginger beer cocktail with hints of mint and orange

Red velvet martini

Red velvet Martini

Inspired by the famous red velvet cake, this striking ruby red martini cocktail by Waitrose is flavoured with vanilla vodka and makes a delightful drink over the festive period… Inspired by the famous red velvet cake, this striking ruby red cocktail is flavoured with vanilla vodka

Gluten Free oat milk for ethical consumers


This year, heavy investment in Glebe Farm Foods has seen the creation of a purpose-built gluten free oat milk plant, located on the same farm at which the oats themselves are grown. With many people now actively investigating not only how products are made, but increasingly, who owns the brand themselves, the focus on family-owned, […]