Gluten-free family life: Gluten Freedom (Part #2)

Laura Ansbro meets up with 3 more families to see how they deal with living gluten-free… More than 10,000 people in the UK are diagnosed with coeliac disease every year. Add in those with gluten intolerance and those avoiding gluten as a lifestyle choice, it is clear that a gluten-free diet is on the rise. […]

Gluten-free family life: Gluten Freedom (Part #1)

Laura Ansbro meets up with two families to see how they deal with living gluten-free… Going gluten-free can be daunting. It might even feel impossible when you first start out. Gluten is everywhere, almost unavoidable, seemingly irreplaceable, hiding in the most unlikely foods. This becomes even more challenging in a household where not everyone follows […]

Is baking powder gluten free?

baking powder gluten free

Baking powder isn’t always gluten-free! We have all the details you need to know about using baking powder in gluten-free baking. Is baking powder gluten free? It may be easily found in supermarkets today, but not all baking powder is always gluten-free. Baking powder is used as a raising agent (or also known as a […]

10 ways to regain your identity

Ali Walsh, from The Local Bakehouse, shows how having coeliac disease need not define you…  Do you ever wish you could be your old self? The one you were before you had to eat gluten-free? I don’t mean you’d want to suffer those old symptoms again – who would? I mean having a happy-go-lucky lifestyle […]

Top tips for adapting to a gluten-free lifestyle

It’s not easy being gluten-free at the best of times, but the toughest period undoubtedly falls in those early days. Being diagnosed with a gluten allergy or intolerance may seem like the end of the world, but you’re not alone in it! Here are some of our top tips for surviving that initial stage after […]

Top tips for a spooktacular gluten-free Halloween

Halloween is fast becoming a popular tradition in the UK, so why not join in the fun with some of these suggestions from Claire Latham? Once a Celtic festival that has become increasingly Americanised, there are certain traditions that are observed each year such as dressing up and eating sweets that originate from its’ Celtic […]

Gut health tips for those following a gluten free diet

gut health tips

Love Your Gut dietitian Jo Travers shares her advice on how to keep your gut happy and healthy when following a gluten-free diet. Avoiding gluten means avoiding gluten-containing grains, but does not have to mean avoiding gut-healthy foods altogether. Many foods that are friendly to your gut are still on the menu for gluten-intolerant or […]

Top tips for travelling with food allergies

travelling with food allergies

Thinking of planning a last-minute getaway? Christine Bailey gives her top tips for a smooth journey… With the holidays in full flow, this is the perfect time to check your preparations to ensure your vacation is a happy, allergy-free one. If you or a family member has allergies, holidays can require a little more thought […]