Bake with chocolate… with Food Thoughts

Food Thoughts shows us how to bake with chocolate – with confidence! If there is one thing that can unite a nation, it’s got to be chocolate! Hands up if you love chocolate! Most of us like baking with, and of course eating, lovely, yummy chocolate. What’s not to like? Especially if the chocolate is […]

In the spotlight… Eat Real snacks

Healthier Snacking Just Got Real! When Eat Real burst onto the scene in 2014, they certainly shook up the world of snacks! Here was a vibrant new snack brand that off ered a host of dietary benefits – gluten-free, vegan, free-from all 14 declarable allergens and perhaps most importantly, full on flavour – and it […]

In the spotlight… The White Rabbit Pizza Co.

Matteo Ferrari and Nick Croft-Simon take an idea and a passion to the free-from marketplace… The story of the White Rabbit Alternative Pizza Co. began in Oxford, where Matteo and Nick met while working at The White Rabbit Pub – Teo as chef and Nick working behind the bar. Teo had been making pizza in […]

In the spotlight… Warburtons Gluten Free

Warburtons Gluten Free

Britain’s favourite baker wants everyone following a gluten-free diet to enjoy the taste and quality you’ve come to expect from Warburtons… Since the family business began as a small grocery shop in Bolton back in 1876, Warburtons has been committed to providing high-quality bakery products that are not only delicious, but cater for a variety […]

In the spotlight… Wadworth GX Gold

wadworth 6x gold

6X Gold, the award-winning gluten-free and vegan golden beer is a creation by brewers Wadworth and is a hoppy and refreshing ale with a zesty citrus aroma. The independent family brewer and regional pub operator has been brewing original beers since 1875 at its brewery in Devizes, Wiltshire. Founded by Henry A Wadworth, the brewery […]

In the spotlight… Santa Maria UK

santa maria uk

Latin America is comprised of an exciting, colourful and diverse group of countries. Here in the UK, we tend to associate it with carnivals, music, salsa dancing, sport and busy cities, but often overlook a key part of the vibrant culture – the cuisine. Over time, Latin American food has been shaped and influenced by […]

In the spotlight… Ricola


Swiss herbal wellbeing brand Ricola use their carefully selected 13-herb blend to make their sweets into little moments of calm and refreshment… In today’s society we rush through our everyday lives, hurrying to see enough, do enough, be enough. Ricola believes in stopping to take a breath amid this chaos and allowing ourselves small moments […]

In the spotlight… Moo Free Chocolates

moo free chocolates

From humble personal beginnings to a treasured business, Moo Free has gone from strength to strength… Moo Free Chocolates is a family-owned chocolatier committed to ethically producing premium ‘free-from’ and vegan ‘milk’ chocolates. Founded only a few years ago in 2010 by husband and wife team Mike and Andrea Jessop, Moo Free Chocolates has grown […]

In the spotlight… Bay’s Kitchen

bay's kitchen

Hayley Burdett’s personal struggle with IBS saw her launch Bay’s Kitchen, a readily available and handy solution for those on a Low FODMAP diet… Bay’s Kitchen is a new free-from food brand specialising in Low FODMAP foods, with no compromise on taste. The brand was founded by Hayley Burdett in 2016 and, after 18 months […]

In the spotlight – Schär Gluten-Free

Schär Gluten-Free

If you are coeliac or eat a gluten-free diet you are likely to be well aware of Schär, but you probably only know half the story… Just a few miles south of the Austrian border lies the Italian town of Merano. Surrounded by breath-taking Alpine scenery, which extends as far as the eye can see; […]