Sweet FA Gluten-Free Cookies

The Sweet FA range is a delectable assortment of organic, gluten-free cookies suitable for anyone who is Coeliac or looking to exclude wheat, gluten or dairy from their diet. These cookies are also vegan-friendly, crafted with a unique blend of gluten-free oat and tapioca flour that ensures a delightful texture.

Whether you’re a fan of classic chocolate chip, nutty sensations or fruity delights, Sweet FA Gluten Free Cookies offer a wider array of flavours to suit every palate.

Sweet FA’s Gluten Free range:

Cranberry & OrangeCranberry & Orange: A zesty orange aroma complimented by sweet cranberries.





Oat & Raisin: Featuring chunky oats and sweet raisins, combined with a sprinkling of cinnamon.





Double Choc Chip: Double the chocolate for rich, melt in-the-mouth cookies.





Peanut Butter: Featuring both peanut butter and chunks of peanut.





The cookies are free from gluten, wheat and dairy ingredients, as well as no GMOs, preservatives, artificial ingredients or palm oil.

 Sweet FA Gluten Free Cookies are available from www.sweetfa-glutenfree.co.uk for £2.95 per pack of 10.