Pea and goat’s cheese tart

Pea and goat’s curd tart

Taken from Bryony and Harry Lancaster’s new book Egg of The Universe, this pea and goat’s cheese tart is wonderful in all seasons… “Harry’s mum Helen was famous for her pea and goat’s cheese tart. This is our gluten-free version with a modification or two, but it still pays homage to her creation. Gluten-free tart bases tend to […]

Berry Bark


This frozen yoghurt bark studded with fresh berries from Love Fresh Berries is such a fun treat for kids and adults alike. Simple and nutritious, it’s a great alternative sweet dessert or a light and refreshing snack.    The mixed berries offer a wonderful abundance of nutrition including vitamins, minerals, fibre and other plant nutrients […]

Chocolate, Avocado and Maple Tart

Chocolate, Avocado and Maple Vegan Tart

This chocolate, avocado and maple tart from Maple from Canada is completely flourless, but you wouldn’t know it as it’s a beautifully decadent treat where a little goes a long way…   Flourless and totally delicious tart naturally flavoured with Canadian maple syrup