Ask the experts… what is a complete protein?

complete proteinQ What is a complete protein and is hemp a complete protein?

Proteins are either complete or incomplete. The difference is in the amino acid composition. Our bodies need over 20 amino acids to build and repair muscles and tissues.

Complete proteins, usually found in animal products, provide all the essential amino acids that your body cannot produce on its own and therefore must be provided by food. Incomplete proteins, usually found in vegetables and grains, lack one or more of these essential amino acids. One of the reasons we love hemp so much is that it naturally contains all 20 amino acids, including all nine essential ones, making it one of the very few plant sources of complete protein.

In addition to the amino acid content, the ratio of these amino acids defines a protein’s quality. Hemp seeds contain a desirable ratio of amino acids, making it closer to the quality of animal-based proteins than almost any other plant.

Henry-Braham-PhotoAbout our expert: Henry Braham, Founder of Braham & Murray Good Hemp Proteins & Foods, is a world expert on growing and producing food from hemp. Henry and his wife Glyn have used their passion for the hemp super seed to build up a thriving business based from their farm in Devon. Good Hemp makes great tasting, healthy food, from Good Hemp Oil to Good Hemp Protein Powders and Good Hemp Dairy-Free Milk. All products are allergen-free with natural health benefits.