Top Tips for Better Skin

Could a free-from diet be good for your skin?


We all know the basics for healthy skin: get enough sleep; drink plenty of water; eat a healthy diet; cut down on fatty foods….but could certain food intolerances or sensitivities be responsible for those outbreaks? If you’re experiencing problems with your skin, it may be worth trying an elimination diet or cutting down on certain foods. Here are some of the top skin problem areas:


Sugar has been vilified a lot recently in the media and, though this is not without good reason, it should be noted that it is not all types of sugar that cause problems. As with everything, it should be eaten in moderation, but sugars that are naturally occurring such as those found in fruit shouldn’t be discarded. Too much sugar, however, can cause you problems with your skin as it has been suggested that insulin may play a role in acne. Regulate your insulin levels by reducing your sugar intake and eating plenty of vegetables. Cutting down on sugary foods could be a good way of helping your skin, along with a lot of other aspects of your health.


Though dairy has its health benefits, the hormones found in it could be causing you problems with your skin. Dairy is also pro-inflammatory which may worsen acne or promote ageing. One suggestion is to increase your calcium intake from dark green leafy vegetables and tofu instead of relying completely on dairy.
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According to the Mayo Clinic wheat is one of the top 8 most allergenic foods. There is a wealth of information on wheat and health online and it has been suggested that it could have a negative affect on your skin with allergic reactions showing up there. For more information click here. The best thing to do should you have any concerns is to discuss it with your doctor. Though reducing the amount of wheat you consume can do no harm, remember to replace that wheat with lots of veggies and always check the label of gluten-free products as they may contain a high amount of sugar. Have a look at this interesting Ask the Expert for more advice on gluten-free foods.


We all know that drinking plenty of water is important for health and for better skin – but could drinking your recommended 8 glasses a day not be helping as much as you thought? It turns out your body might not retain as much of the water you drink as you need and, in fact, it may be better to eat that water instead by eating foods with a higher percentage of water such as watermelon or courgettes. This way your body is more likely to retain the water consumed. Click here for more information. Time to crack out that spiralizer!


Of course this will vary from person to person and anything concerning your health should always be discussed with your doctor – especially if you are thinking of changing your diet or eliminating certain foods. As most people with food allergies and intolerances know, it is not simply a matter of eliminating foods, but also making sure you eat plenty of the right foods that will help your skin and your overall health.

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