You never stop learning in the food world. There are always new healthy ingredients to discover, new flavors to cook with, new textures to add a kick to your dishes. One of the hottest foods people are talking about right now are “tiger nuts”, also known as “chufa”!


By Ambra Torelli (www.littlebitesofbeauty.com)

Not only that you can treat yourself with a perfect healthy snack, but you can use tiger nut flour, tiger nuts milk and tiger nuts oil to make amazing grain free healthy foods that are suitable for anybody who’s following a paleo diet. Despite their name, tiger nuts are not nuts, but tubers, small root vegetables originated in Northern Africa and the Mediterranean area that are extremely high in fiber, iron, potassium, and vitamins E & C.

Tiger nuts have:

  •  As much iron as red meat
  • As much potassium as coconut water
  • Are high in magnesium, zinc, phosphorus
    and vitamins E & C

1 ounce of tiger nuts has 40% of our daily recommended fiber, and because they are a ‘prebiotic fiber’ they resist digestion and become fuel for our probiotic bacteria!

Can you believe that this superfood comprised up to 80% of our ancestors’ Paleo diet around 2 million years ago?! …And for all those who have nut or grain allergies, the good news is: this ingredient is the most perfect allergy-free alley for cooking and baking!

Yes, because not only can you eat raw tiger nuts out of the bag like a snack, you can also enjoy flour made from tiger nuts to make amazing grain free treats, or cook with tiger nut oil!

…and the best thing is: tiger nuts are naturally sweet and therefore they allow you to bake with absolutely no sugar!

Have you ever tried tiger nuts or chufa? What are your favorite recipes to make with it? Share all the details in the comments below.

ambra-1stAbout the author: Ambra is an Italian chef who is here to give you the recipe for being a healthier, sexier and more satisfied you… whilst still indulging everyday! Her goal is to show you how you can indulge in the most delicious food while drastically improving you health, getting skinnier and looking gorgeous! You can find more of her delicious recipes on her blog, or you can get in touch with her on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.