Discover the ultimate protein shake from Dare…

Discover the ultimate vegan protein shake from Dare

Discover vegan protein shake range from Dare. Designed to help curb unhealthy eating and keep you feeling fuller and energised for longer…

Achieve your health and well-being goals this January thanks to Dare’s Motivational Shake. The delicious meal replacement shake is high in protein and provides sustained energy until your next meal.

Dare’s Motivational Shake is available in a range of plant-based flavours, including Cocoa and Peanut Butter, Cocoa Vanilla Frosting and the new Black Forest Gateau. Yum!

Moreover, each serving contains 100% of the recommended daily intake of all vitamins with all 26 essential vitamins and minerals.

vegan protein shake range from Dare

Dare protein shake

The Motivational Shake is designed to keep you full for at least 4 to 6 hours, depending on your physique and physical activity.

Dare’s convenient protein is ready in just 15 seconds and is perfect for busy mornings, post-workouts, a mid-afternoon nutritious pick-me-up.

Each shake contains sustainable high-quality ingredients, such as flaxseeds, sunflower seeds, oats, and acai berries.

Unlike some diet shakes, Dare’s Motivation Shake is dosed at the right levels for a perfect balance of complete protein, essential fats, and omega-3.

In addition, the nutritional shakes are available in four delicious flavours – Cocoa and Peanut Butter, Cocoa and Vanilla Frosting, Cocoa and Jaffa Orange, and Black Forest Gateau.

Each serving is between 208-216 kcal and is designed to help you feel fuller for longer, helping you curb snacking between meals.

Dare Motivation Lifestyle

Where to find Dare’s Motivational Shake

Those looking to increase their protein intake can order the Motivational Shake today, with prices starting at just £27!

Additionally, you’ll receive a free shaker and t-shirt with all first orders.

Head over to Dare’s website to shop the vegan protein range.