Drizzler – the first and only squeezy peanut butter launches into UK supermarkets.

Whole Earth, the UK’s number one peanut butter, has unveiled Drizzler – the first and only squeezy peanut butter to launch into UK supermarkets.

Drizzler introduces a whole new way to enjoy the naturally delicious taste of peanut butter. With its unique, super smooth ‘drizzable’ texture and easy squeezy bottle, its perfect for breakfast, snacks, lunch or dinner. Simply shake, squeeze and drizzle.


Available in Waitrose and Tesco, Whole Earth Drizzler hastwo varieties: Classic Roasted Super Smooth Peanut Butter and Golden Roasted Super Smooth Peanut Butter: 320g, £3.30 RRP.

Silky smooth Whole Earth Drizzler is made with 100% nuts and a unique milling process that gives it its signature drizzle. It is vegetarian and vegan-friendly; a natural source of protein and fibre and contains absolutely no added sugar.

Part of Whole Earth’s mission to make food that is good for you and good for the earth, Whole Earth Drizzler comes in a bottle made from recycled plastic and can be recycled again.


Shake things up with a drizzle of delicious Whole Earth Drizzler over your foodie favourites, including:

1.       Porridge

2.       Toast
3.       Ice cream
4.     Pancakes
5.       Smoothies
6.       Sliced fruit
7.       Chicken or vegetable skewers
8.       Soup
9.       Stir fry
10.   Vegetable tray bake

About Whole Earth

Founded in 1967, Whole Earth creates natural and wholesome foods that are good for you and good for the planet. With a firm commitment on real, down-to-earth goodness, Whole Earth makes delicious, natural nut butters and other store-cupboard essentials that are made with real-food ingredients with nothing artificial added.

Accredited as a B Corp brand, Whole Earth is the UK’s no.1 peanut butter and is best known for its growing nut butter portfolio.

Part of the Ecotone UK family, the Whole Earth approach spans; Healthier People, Protecting the Earth and Reducing its Impact.