Flapjackery Flapjack Bite Bags

Satisfying and delicious Flapjackery’s new bite-sized gluten-free chunks of flapjacks come in an array of flavours and are handmade in Devon with the finest British ingredients.


These mouth-watering chunks of sugary joy are laden in golden syrup and have just enough crunch, with the perfect amount of crumble, and absolutely no chewiness at all.

They are perfect for tucking in your pocket for big winter walks, and also as a wonderful gift for flapjack fans on any occasion from wedding favours to corporate events.

All the flapjacks are gluten free and suitable for vegetarians, come individually wrapped, are suitable for freezing and have a shelf life of up to eight weeks.

Order online at www.flapjackery.co.uk, or visit one of its shops at Tavistock, Plymouth, Minehead, Wells, Bath and St Ives.

Flapjackery Chocolate Fudge Flapjack Bite Bag £6.50

Flapjackery Clotted Cream Flapjack Bite Bag £6.50

Flapjackery Millionaire’s Flapjack Bite Bag £6.50

Flapjackery Salted Caramel Flapjack Bite Bag £6.50

Flapjackery Orange Flapjack Bite Bag £6.50

Clotted Cream Flapjack Bite Bag £6.50


How Flapjackery began


Carol Myott, 62 and Sally Jenkin, 59 launched luxury flapjack business Flapjackery in 2015 having met at a farmers’ market in Tavistock west Devon where they both baked cakes to sell.

Carol had retired to Devon having run a print business, Sally was selling communications for old people before working in her local fudge shop.

They shared a passion for home cooking with quality British ingredients, so one day Carol came up with the idea of making flapjacks.

They made a few samples and took then to Tavistock for people to try out, and after a few tweaks, started baking like mad for their own stall, and the idea of Flapjackery was born. A fortnightly pitch at Exeter University Farmers’ Market followed and then they started to attend other events.

But they realised they couldn’t possibly keep going in their own kitchens, so found an empty unit on an industrial estate in Tavistock which already had a purpose built kitchen.

They went form local farmers’ markets to huge venues like the NEC in Birmingham where they admit they got a few funny looks from people as if to say “what are those two old ducks doing?”

In 2018 they opened their first shop in Tavistock, and then with the core market of selling at big shows gone as a result of the pandemic, they remodelled their business to focus on online and retail.

In 2021 they opened shops in Wells and Minehead, and in 2022 they opened in Plymouth and St Ives, with a sixth shop due to open in Bath.

Carol and Sally are proof that age is no barrier when it comes to creating a great business especially when there’s a decadent, delicious treat at its heart!

Find out more at www.flapjackery.co.uk