Lovemore Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free Cookies



Family business Lovemore began as Welsh Hills Bakery over 60 years ago, and since 2001 has been creating delicious tasting gluten-free cakes and pies, and continue to strive to produce the best quality products now with their expanding range of cookies, cakes, shortbreads and crackerbreads.

Lovemore focus on offering high-quality, innovative gluten-free goods, with over 80 products all approved by the Coeliac Society. They are proud to produce products which make family, friends, customers and employees say: “You can’t tell its gluten free.”

In their range is a trio of delicious cookies, double chocolate, ginger stem and oat crunch. Their double chocolate cookies are made with luxurious real Belgian Chocolate, while the oat crunch cookies are packed with a crunchy crispiness to keep you satisfied and the stem ginger cookies are made with real stem ginger for an extra spicy deliciousness.

10009825_664778530248295_923265402_nYou can find out more about Welsh Hills Bakery & Lovemore and their range of foods over on their website. They are also on Facebook and Twitter.