New 100% natural, high protein and energy boosting TREK POWER

Sometimes it can be tricky getting the right nutrition for your work out while trying to stay plant-based, get enough protein, avoid artificial sweeteners, the list goes on. Well, things just got a whole lot simpler thanks to new TREK POWER.


Well, things just got a whole lot simpler thanks to new TREK POWER. These two brand-new choc-tastic bars are vegan, 100% plant-based ingredients, no artificial sweeteners, high in protein and… my oh my, are they tasty. Say goodbye to energy crashes and hello to two health-packed bars to indulge your sweet-tooth and take you from work-out to on-the-go refuel.

The perfect guilt-free sweet treat, TREK’s brand-new range of Protein Power Bars come in two mouth-watering varieties Millionaire Shortbread and Peanut Butter Crunch, both boasting 15g of plant-based protein for the ultimate guilt-free, vegan and gluten-free indulgence. These bars are made with 100% plant based ingredients to prevent energy spikes and instead provide you with slow release energy to fuel you for your morning run, HIIT class or busy day at work. TREK’s Millionaire Shortbread Protein Power Bar will satisfy your sweet tooth and curb cravings with a healthier twist on one of the nation’s favorite treats and the Peanut Butter Crunch Power Bar, is made with tempting peanut butter for a moreish snack.

All TREK’s products are gluten-free, vegan and GM free, as well as being 100% plant based – it’s even enrobed with it’s very own natural alternative to chocolate. TREK guarantees to only use natural sugars and never contain any artificial sweeteners. The Power Bars will be on shelf in the Free From aisle in Tesco and Sainsbury’s (RRP £1.75) from September 28th.