Nutriment Gluten-Free, Raw Pet Food

Nutriment is an award-winning company providing a range of raw, nutritious pet foods. Their gluten-free foods are made using human-grade meat and vegetables to provide your pets with a metabolism-friendly meal packed with all the goodness they need.

Master_3D_pack_images_CORE_Turkey__03956.1429631698.1280.1280Started by pet enthusiast Suzanne in 2013, the company is now flourishing – advocating nutrition-filled foods, sourced in Britain where possible.

Their foods are packed with superfoods instead of starches, including coconut & salmon oil, kelp, kale, flax seeds, spirulina, bilberry powder & chicory roots, to give your dogs and cats a balanced meal.

Their range of foods include foods for dogs and cats of all ages and sizes – offering a diverse range of products for active dogs, medium to small dogs, and also smaller, less active dogs. They also offer a selection of raw treats and bones to keep your pet satisfied and having fun.

Nutriment seek to provide your pets with only the best – avoiding overcooked nasties, instead offering raw nutrition to avoid pets suffering from afflictions caused by a bad diet – such as inflamed gums, bad breath, itchy skin and lacklustre coats. By eating raw, your pets are getting all the goodness they would if they were in the wild – top quality meats, vegetables and minerals.


Whether your dog has an allergy to cereal grains or not – Nurtiment’s products provide pets with high protein, high nutrient, high quality meals. Their products are:

  • All natural
  • Completely hypoallergenic – meaning they will agree with the stomachs of even the most sensitive cats and dogs.
  • Made with the finest meat 
  • Packed with metabolism boosting minerals

In 2015, Nutriment are continuing to develop their range of innovative products and seek to purchase a second factory to keep up with the rising demand. 


Find out more about Nutriment, their story and range of products over on the Nutriment website.