Perkier extends UK’s first and only probiotic bar range with Blueberry & Dark Chocolate Bar

Perkier, the innovative British company on a mission to perk up the nation’s wellbeing and protect the planet, is expanding the UK’s first and only range of probiotic bars by adding a Blueberry & Dark Chocolate bar to its line of Active Cultures snacks.

Blueberry & Dark Chocolate bar

Extending the range enables the business to meet growing demand for food and drink products that support health and wellbeing post-Covid, helping it secure a larger share of the UK’s healthy snack bar category.

Perkier Active Culture bars provide consumers and retailers with a plant-based switch-out for dairy-based gut health shots, drinks or yoghurts, and are an all-natural and utterly indulgent alternative to dull daily supplements.

Ann Perkins, co-founder of Perkier says: “Our Active Cultures bars are the UK’s first and only range of probiotic bars, with billions of active cultures for a Happy Healthy Gut. As more consumers demand products to support their gut health and overall wellbeing, we have extended the range with our new Blueberry & Dark Chocolate bar capitalising on Perkier’s powerful combination of great taste and cutting-edge functionality. This new launch will meet this demand and support Perkier in it goal to grow its share of the healthy snack bar category.”

A healthy gut means better digestion and a stronger immune system. It means a perkier mind in a perkier body. Good gut health is also be linked to improved mental health, as a healthy gut helps reduce cortisol (a stress hormone) in the blood stream and helps to propagate serotonin, the ‘happy hormone’.

The Bars

The Perkier Active Cultures Bar Range now consists of two irresistible varieties:

  • Blueberry & Dark Chocolate combining juicy blueberries and nuts, bound with chicory fibre and dipped in real dark chocolate.
  • Madagascan Vanilla with Dark Chocolate combining the creamy, mellow notes of vanilla and nuts, bound with chicory fibre, with a rich and velvety dark chocolate base.

Each bar contains two precision strains of probiotics, Bifidobacteria Longum and Lactobacillus Rhamnosus which are proven in clinical trials to improve digestive health and support your immune system. The Active Cultures range uses microencapsulated cultures which are clinically proven to be 1,000 times more effective than dairy products at reaching the gut alive, where they have the most benefit. The bars also contain 5g chicory fibre, a prebiotic, the food the good gut bacteria love to eat. The combination of pre- and probiotics – synbiotics – means even more effective results for gut health.

The Blueberry & Dark Chocolate bar joins the existing range, which features a Madagascan Vanilla with Dark Chocolate bar, which is available in every Morrisons, Amazon and the brand’s website.

Perkier Active Cultures bars are perfect as a daily treat at the desk working from home, on-the-move, in packed lunchboxes, or to stave off afternoon cravings.

The range was created in collaboration world experts in gut health. Perkier Gut Health bars are nutritional powerhouses containing pre- and probiotics, 100% of your daily Vitamin B5 & B12, and Calcium, as well as 5g plant protein. Plant based and gluten free each bar is 160 kcals or less.

Perkier Active Culture bars are available on Perkier’s website and Amazon as an individual flavour and as a variety box (RSP £13.99 for a box of 15 bars, £8 for an 8 bar Variety box).

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