Sweet Virtues Halo Gift Box, perfect for Mother’s Day

Sweet Virtues believe eating healthily should be an entirely positive, experience and not about self-denial. All their products boast organic ingredients chosen wholly for their taste and nutrient profile, with the benefits that may bring.

Sweet Virtues Halo Gift Box

And what better way to show your mother how much you love her than with one of these Sweet Virtues Halo Thins Gift Boxes, exquisitely packaged to make the perfect gift or just guilt-free snacking for yourself!

Each box features the following chocolate delights:

White Tea and Peppermint (Revive)

Yerba Mate & lemon (Energise)

Himalayan Pink Salt (Balance)

Maqui (Detox)

We were lucky enough to get to taste a couple of these at Free-From Heaven HQ. Here’s what we thought…

Yerba Mate & Lemon (Energise)

Sweet Virtues Halo Y&L

John: A rich textured dark chocolate with a suttle citrus note. A good size disk with a snap.

Sarah: The lemon is a really delicate and gives a suitably subtle taste.

Sally: Smooth dark chocolate with a subtle citrus tang that most shows through in the aftertaste.

Nick: Clean with a hint of lemon. Definitely validates the energising tag.

Himalayan Pink Salt (Balance)


Sweet Virtues Halo HPS John: A rich textured dark chocolate with a strong kick of salt (not for the faint hearted).

Sarah: Really delicious – the salt brings a creaminess to the dark/ dairy-free chocolate.

Sally: Great example of the trendy chocolate and salt combination – present from first moment through to the aftertaste.

Nick: Wow, what a punch! Chocolate and salt – who would have thought it? I do now.