Ask the experts… What are xylitol’s benefits over sugar?

birch sugarQ What are xylitol’s benefits over sugar?

Xylitol has 40% fewer calories than sugar and less than half the ‘available’ carbohydrates. The most important dietary benefit of xylitol, however, is the fact it has such a low GI (glycaemic index) value. GI values measure how quickly a food causes your blood sugars to rise. So, having a low GI value not only means xylitol is generally suitable for diabetics, but it helps keep hunger and cravings at bay for everyone.

The other major benefit of xylitol is that it is seen to actively help promote healthy teeth and reduce plaque. This isn’t just as a result of removing sugar from your diet, but because when xylitol breaks down in the mouth it creates an alkaline environment which helps inhibit bacteria and plaque

87372_ga_shot_01_singles_164-exp-exp_0002About our expert: Daniel Reeds is director of Healthy by Nature Ltd and one of the UK’s leading experts on xylitol. He has a background in physiological sciences with a degree and masters in the subject from Oxford University and he has been working in the health food business for more than a decade.