In the kitchen with… Natasha Corrett

Author of the Honestly Healthy series and now Honestly Healthy Cleanse, Natasha Corrett talks to us about the significant benefits of an alkaline diet in everyday cooking…


What were the triggers for you before adopting an ‘Honestly Healthy’ way of life?

I always dieted, but had always failed as I was such a foodie and loved sweet food, but as soon as I found a healthy way of making those delicious dishes without the debilitating ingredients those triggers became a thing of the past.  

What is an alkaline cleanse in a nutshell? Can it be for everyone?

Cleansing is a great way to give the body the kick-start it needs to reach to its optimum health. Eating alkaline is about cutting out processed foods and eating natural ingredients.

What benefits does a ‘cleanse’ offer?

By removing acid forming foods from your daily diet you are giving your body the opportunity to have a break from trying to process toxins. It doesn’t have to be a complicated process – it’s just about eating foods that nourish the body rather than depleting it of essential nutrients. There are so many different types of cleanses, but choosing one that fits in with your lifestyle is the key to giving you the best chance of succeeding. 

What inspired you to take on the ‘cleanse’ cookbook and guide?

I think it was a natural progression from Honestly Healthy For Life, which was about healthy foods in all sorts of occasions of your life. Honestly Healthy Cleanse is again about your life, but how to cleanse fitting it around your life rather than the other way round, as so many of my followers were looking for a solution to this. Most of my work comes from inspiration from my life and how I manage to cope and it works for other people as well. Honestly Healthy Cleanse is not just about being on the cleanse, as you can use the recipes in every aspect of your life. You can use it as a normal cookbook, just with the added benefit that it’s all healthy cooking.

Where do you get your recipe ideas from?

Travel is a massive inspiration for me. This year has been a big year writing the new book, the phone app and recipes for my website, so I need a well-deserved break before I start writing book four! My followers are also a big inspiration – knowing what they like by the hits on my website shows me what people are looking for and what areas they are looking for inspiration in their food. 

What tips do you have to keep cooking creative, interesting, tasty and healthy at the same time?

Having a great salad dressing repertoire is my main advice. You can make the same salad every day, but put a different dressing on it and it will taste completely different.  

Are you seeing a change in the way people are looking at what they eat and the way they eat? Why do you think that is?

Yes massively. When I started Honestly Healthy four and a half years ago and my first book came out, I was the odd one doing something different, but the way the media have embraced it is fantastic as it encourages people to be ‘healthy’ and not just dieting, which gets you nowhere. There are so many healthy companies popping up now and the more this happens the better! I think it’s happening as people are realising that food has a massive impact on our health, so people are making a difference in their lives as they want to feel and look great. That red carpet glow is not from makeup – it comes from the inside. 

Do you think it’s a case of ‘everything in moderation’, or simply cut out all the bad stuff altogether?

I think finding the healthy alternative is the key. I couldn’t ever cut everything I love out as it would be based on will power alone and that is unsustainable. If you love pasta, find a gluten-free pasta or rice noodles; if you love chocolate, eat raw chocolate, while if you love bread, eat gluten-free or spelt. 

What ingredient could you not be without?


Put on the spot, what would be your ‘Desert Island Dish’?

I think the raw chocolate cheesecake from my website is my ‘go to’ at the moment, but my broccoli base pizza from Honestly Healthy Cleanse comes a close second.

What advice do you have for people looking to start the New Year with a healthy diet?

Just be kind to yourself. Find a cleanse or a way of eating that works for you. Prepare ahead –  that’s the best way to succeed.  

How can they look to sustain an Honestly Healthy lifestyle?

It’s all about the 70/30 rule – 70 per cent follow the alkaline way, then 30 per cent of the time do what you want. That way you are never telling yourself you can’t have something. Look at it over a week, so 30 per cent is about 3-4 meals within a week, which is quite a lot when you think about it!

You can find out more about Natasha on her website as well as  Twitter and Facebook.

Honestly Healthy Cleanse - jacket cover Honestly Healthy Cleanse by Natasha Corrett is published by Hodder & Stoughton. (RRP £25).