Five Reasons Strawberries Are The Best

The extended strawberry season is upon us! Thanks to advances in growing techniques in the UK, we can now have delicious home-grown strawberries for a much larger part of the year. According to The Guardian, last year’s season managed to extend to December! This is excellent news for all strawberry fans as, not only is it much better for the environment to eat locally grown produce rather than those imported from, say, Morocco or Spain, fewer air miles means the taste is so much better. However, not only do strawberries taste amazing, they also have brilliant health benefits too. Here five reasons why you should grab yourself a punnett or two of these fruity berries…

Fresh Ripe Strawberries Full Frame Background

  1. They are a great source of fibre: Fibre is essential for improved digestion in order to help bowel movements and increase digestive health. By slowing digestions, strawberries may also help regulate blood sugar levels.
  2. They regulate blood pressure: Strawberries are excellent at reducing inflammation thanks to their potassium – this in turn can lower cholesterol, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and regulate blood pressure.
  3. They fight cancer: Strawberries are packed with powerful antioxidants that work against free radicals and can help protect you against cancer. This also has the added benefit of helping to protect your skin against against damage and may even keep wrinkles at bay.
  4. They boost immunity: Strawberries contain more than 100% of our daily recommended amount of vitamin C. Vitamin C can not only help strengthen our immune systems but is also known to reduce stress.
  5. The promote pre-natal health: Strawberries contain an important B-vitamin called folate that is good for women who are pregnant or trying to conceive. It is also important for the baby’s development in the early stages of pregnancy.

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