The best gluten-free hot cross buns in supermarkets

With Easter fast approaching it’s time to round-up all the gluten-free hot cross buns currently available in the shops!

Arguably one of the best Spring foods is the humble hot cross bun, and just because you’re on a gluten-free diet doesn’t mean you have to miss out! Take a look at all these gluten-free hot cross buns available…


£2.00 for 4 pack

£2.20 for 4 pack Choc Chip flavour


In-store only: £2 for 4 pack (on offer for 75p!)


gluten-free hot cross buns

£2 for 4 pack or currently on offer for 2 for £2.50!


£1.50 for 4 pack


Fruity: £2 for 4 pack

Chocolate: £2 for 4 pack


£2 for 4 pack


£2.50 for 4 pack


Alternatively, if you fancy baking some yourself try this recipe!

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