In the kitchen with… Jane Devonshire

jane devonshire

We chat to Jane Devonshire after the recent announcement that she is to join Coeliac UK as an ambassador Coeliac UK announces Jane Devonshire, champion of MasterChef 2016, as its new ambassador who will spearhead the national charity’s 2020 campaign to help find thousands of children living with undiagnosed coeliac disease. We caught up with […]

Egg & spinach galettes

Savoury crèpes are simply the best! These galettes are great for either breakfast or lunch – we’ve served them with bacon and avocado. It's perfectly possible to make delicious savoury pancakes without the gluten!

4 gluten-free breakfast recipes

We’ve teamed up with Pink Lady to bring you four of our favourite apply breakfasts that’ll start your day off right!  Some of these recipes contain oats, which cause reactions for some coeliacs Fuelling Pink Lady® breakfast smoothie Easy peasy and super healthy, this breakfast smoothie will energise you for the day ahead! Pink Lady® […]

Why you’re not really missing out on gluten

Ali Walsh goes on a mission to find out if our memories of gluten really are as wonderful as we may imagine… There’s only one time we coeliacs are meant to eat gluten. Steady, now! Don’t get too excited. It’s pre-diagnosis – when the doctor requests you eat gluten for 6 weeks prior to an […]

Coeliac Disease : The myths and facts you need to know

With so much conflicting information and advice available about gluten, coeliac disease and gluten intolerance, we have enlisted the help of gastroenterologist professor David Sanders and Schär dietitian Melissa Wilson to help readers differentiate between fact and fiction! Myth #1: Eating gluten every now and again won’t hurt Fact: Dietitian Melissa Wilson says: “Coeliac disease is […]

6 delicious gluten-free cake recipes

Gluten-free cakes can have a reputation for being disappointing, but we’re here to prove that theory wrong! These six delicious cakes are all springy, light and flavourful. Orange blossom & almond polenta cake Polenta makes a lovely, fluffy flour substitute in this zesty cake Chocolate and amaretti ciambella This indulgent cake is perfect for a […]

Coeliac Disease vs Gluten Intolerance

Spotting the signs of coeliac disease or gluten intolerance can be a long and arduous affair – Michelle Kickham explains the differences and what to look out for… Ah, gluten. It puts the spring in our cakes, the stretch in our dough and much to our dismay, is often found in those feel-good foods. However, […]

4 gluten-free Jack Daniels barbecue recipes

Summer is almost underway which, for us, means one thing: barbecue time! It can be notoriously difficult to find gluten-free sauces, but Jack Daniel’s has got you covered. These four recipes will inspire you to get grilling! Grilled vegetable steaks This simple veggie barbecue recipe is packed with smokey flavour Chicken wings Simple, tasty chicken […]

10 ways to regain your identity

Ali Walsh, from The Local Bakehouse, shows how having coeliac disease need not define you…  Do you ever wish you could be your old self? The one you were before you had to eat gluten-free? I don’t mean you’d want to suffer those old symptoms again – who would? I mean having a happy-go-lucky lifestyle […]