Focus on seaweed: Why you need to add this nutritious ingredient to your diet

This abundant and underused crop, both delicious and nutritious, appears to have the answers to all our ‘sea’tainability’ issues licked…

health benefits of seaweed

Look out for one of the new rising stars in the world of food. Loved by many chefs across the world, seaweed has now been adopted by all, captivating the imaginations, hearts and homes of many across the UK. Seaweed offers a refresh and reinvention to meal times and adds a much-needed fresh sea kick to excite the taste buds.

It’s time to stop, think and listen to the future of food. The population is expanding at a rapid rate, with the most important question being ‘how are we going to feed them all?’. It is estimated that 9 billion people will be on the planet by 2050, an astonishing figure! Realistically there isn’t enough land to produce that amount of food, especially if we keeping mistreating the land the way we do.

We have been crying out for the solution for years and have finally taken a step in the right direction, in the form of seaweed. This sea veggie is one of the most sustainable foods on the planet and it doesn’t need land to grow! Seaweed needs no fertilizers or pesticides, just the water it grows in and a little sunlight. Not only does it taste good, but it’s also good for the planet – that’s a win, win! What’s better, is that for every patch of seaweed picked, a total of 15% will always grow back. That really is ‘sea’stainablity at its best.

Ancestral favourite

While seaweed is being noticed today as a trend-setting innovation in the world of food, the humble seaweed has been around for over 500 million years, with almost 10,000 different species existing. You may be shocked to know that this sea deliciousness has been eaten all the way back to the prehistoric times, used in both food and as fertilizers, with farmers using seaweed for hundreds of years as mulch for the soil. Seaweed was a staple in the diets of many people in Japan, Korea and China, using seaweed to make ‘nori’ (also known as the dried sheets of seaweed) that can be seen in sushi. And for the people of Ireland, seaweed was already on the menu as the iconic flavour that filled so many mouths back when it was an extremely poor nation.

health benefits of seaweed

A popular and well-respected brand known for their passion for seaweed is Seamore. Their product ‘I Sea Pasta’ is a nutritious seaweed alternative for wheat pasta, available from Planet Organic for £5.99. While it may look like your regular tagliatelle, don’t be fooled, it’s packed full of 100% wild, handpicked seaweed. Each bag contains 100 grams of dried seaweed – you simply add water to enjoy 500 grams of sea goodness – suitable for five delicious, nutritious servings.

This tasty treat is grown in the purest waters of the Irish coastline, handpicked, rinsed and dried at a low temperature of 39 degrees. All it requires is sunshine for it to thrive to its full potential, giving you a mild taste, with a great bite.This super healthy alternative is also low in carbs, but high in nutrition providing; iodine, sodium, antioxidants, proteins (B1, B2,C,E) as well as calcium, iron, vitamin C and omega-3. For all those with specific diet requirements there is no need to worry, “I Sea Pasta” is filled with goodness that is gluten-free, low calorie and vegan-friendly. There really is nothing stopping you from adding this superfood to your meals.

While most people resist change, seaweed is something that is being welcomed with open arms for 2017. It’s time to listen to your body and reward yourself with the nutrients and goodness it deserves. Seaweed is transforming some of our favourite foods and reinventing much-loved classics, providing culinary magic right at your fingertips. Why not try some simple seaweed recipes that taste delicious?

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