Gluten-Free Baking Live on Saturday 28th November!

Need some baking inspiration for the festive season? Look no further! Gluten-Free Heaven’s regular feature writer Ali Walsh will be coming to you live via the virtual FreeFrom Food Festival with two delectable recipes for you to try…

FlatbreadsFirst up is gluten-free flat bread. Manufactured by My Gluten-Free Bakery, Ali will show you how easy it is to make your own to go with turkey sosaties, easily the best food inspired by South Africa!




Breakfast Muffins
Next up are Ali’s delectable Xmas Breakfast Muffins. Made with Strp’d tigernut flour and a hidden chocolate nut butter from Nutcessity, these are easily the best way to start the 25th December (and the whole of advent, really).
But that’s not all: Ali will also be giving a talk on how to have a gluten- and dairy-free Xmas. She’ll guide you through practical ways to eat safely and get through the holiday season without a fuss. Plus there’ll be a fab competition for you to enter so make sure you’re watching!
Ali Walsh is the founder of Life on a Rice Cake, a healthy lifestyle website for people with coeliac disease and IBS. Diagnosed with both conditions over twenty years ago, she is keen to inspire others to lead better, less painful lives so they can be the healthiest they’ve ever been. Packed with valuable advice on a holistic and fun approach to wellbeing, Ali firmly believes there is a way to make life easier, no matter how difficult things might seem.
Ali lives in Bristol with her husband and two naughty little people who love covering themselves in chocolate.