Gluten-free bread taste test

No time to make your own? Find out which gluten-free bread to add to your basket…

BFree Brown Seeded Sandwich Loaf

£2.80 for 400g

A very light and airy loaf – this one definitely shows how far gluten-free bread has come over the years! It has less seeds than the rest, which stops it crumbling, but this does give it a slightly more neutral flavour. Perfect for anyone looking for a nice brown sandwich bread, but not the best choice for fans of a really nutty texture.

Our verdict: ★★★

Tesco Free From Multiseed Slice Bread

£1.50 for 400g

Divided into two 200g vacuum-packed sections, this is ideal for anyone who doesn’t get through bread very quickly as it keeps fresher for longer. A little drier than some we tasted, it has a good distribution of seeds throughout the loaf rather than just on top, and works well in a sandwich.


Our verdict: ★★★

Schar Wholesome Vitality Loaf

£2.60 for 350g

Made with sourdough starter, this is quite a moist bread with a light, fluffy texture you may not have come to expect from gluten-free bread. The addition of quinoa makes for a good crunch, while hints of chestnut lend a delicious flavour.


Our verdict: ★★★★

Genius Seeded Brown Farmhouse Loaf

£2.80 for 535g

Made with linseed, millet seed & flaxseed, this loaf has a lovely hearty texture. While it makes a great sandwich, we particularly enjoyed it for breakfast, toasted with a good smothering of butter and jam.


Our verdict: ★★★★