Gluten-Free Galore with KETTLE® Chips

Bursting with mouth-watering flavour, KETTLE® Chips’ entire hand cooked potato crisp range is always completely gluten-free to suit all crisp lovers, so everyone can enjoy their favourite snacks – regardless of any dietary requirements.

Kettle Chipos

KETTLE®’s delicious, hand-cooked and gluten-free crisps, range from favourite British classics such as Mature Cheddar & Red Onion and the popular flavour combination of Seaside Salt & Malt Vinegar, to crisps oozing with authentic spices such as the brand’s popular Thai Sweet Chilli seasoning.

KETTLE® has pulled together a round-up of the latest additions to join its well-loved portfolio, all of which are 100% gluten-free and the perfect accompaniment to any special occasion for all crisp lovers to enjoy together.

KETTLE® Chips Thai Sweet Chilli: £1.99
This delicious seasoning has already claimed the top spot in consumer taste tests*. Unlike competitor brands, the rich flavour comes from using only vegan, high-quality and real food ingredients that are famous throughout authentic Thai recipes and are completely gluten-free. Combining tamari soy sauce, providing an authentic, gluten-free alternative, with ginger, star anise, coriander and bold chilli, KETTLE®’s Thai Sweet Chilli blend creates a harmonious balance of exotic spices, fiery heat and gentle sweetness.

KETTLE® Chips Gardeners’ Classic Rosemary & Sea Salt: 

Brand new to KETTLE® Chips’ portfolio, and part of its most recent range ‘Tastes of Britain’, the Gardeners’ Classic Rosemary & Sea Salt real food ingredients deliver a delectable, fresh and herby flavour profile. Available exclusively at Tesco stores nationwide, this is the perfect accompaniment to any special occasion or ideal when unwinding after a long day of work as you are transported to blissful times wandering the grounds of a beautiful English country garden. 

KETTLE® Chips Seaside Salt & Malt Vinegar: 

Another new launch, part of KETTLE® Chips’ Tastes of Britain range, is this Seaside Salt & Malt Vinegar seasoning. Available exclusively at Tesco, this crisp offers a twist on the classic salt and vinegar pairing, with each bite immediately transporting you to a nostalgic memory of fish and chips at the seaside. Unlike most malt vinegars, KETTLE®’s variety is completely gluten-free – and its lip puckering seasoning will certainly tantalise the tastebuds. 

KETTLE® Chips Sunday Lunch Roast Chicken & Thyme:

The third flavour from KETTLE®’s Tastes of Britain sub-range, the Sunday Lunch Roast Chicken & Thyme, combines succulent real meat with fresh, herby notes to create the classic British flavour profile. Evoking memories of gathering around the table with your nearest and dearest, this quintessentially British flavour is exclusive to Tesco.

KETTLE® Chips Vegan Sheese® & Red Onion: £1.99
Committed to ensuring the nation’s gluten-free and vegan crisp lovers can enjoy their fix of the iconic Cheese & Onion combination, KETTLE® launched a delicious Vegan Sheese® & Red Onion edition. Featuring dairy-free and gluten-free ‘Red Leicester-style’ Sheese® from one of the best cheese alternatives on the market, its delicious strong-tasting flavour profile perfectly harmonises with the sweet red onion seasoning.

KETTLE® Chips Mature Cheddar & Red Onion: £1.99
Featuring even more real cheese, KETTLE® Chips’ latest and improved take on the classic combination now features 12-month matured Davidstow® Classic Cheddar from Cornwall. The rich, velvety tones of the Davidstow® Classic Cheddar complements the sharp, tangy and sweet elements of red onion. Using the highest-quality ingredients, cheese lovers across the country can enjoy the best version of this combination yet.

Here is a little reminder of the classic KETTLE® Chips we all know and love – all hand-cooked, gluten-free and delicious!

KETTLE® Chips Sea Salt & Crushed Black Peppercorns: £1.99

A KETTLE® Chips favourite, the Sea Salt & Crushed Black Peppercorns variety combines high-quality sea salt with strong hits of cracked peppercorn to tantalise the taste buds. The classic pairing of flavours is certain to guarantee a delicious snack every time.

KETTLE® Chips Lightly Salted: £1.99
Sometimes, simplicity is key. KETTLE®’s renowned thick, full-flavoured slices of carefully selected potato are brought to life with just a sprinkling of high-quality sea salt. Made from just three ingredients, this versatile crisp is perfect for any occasion, whether entertaining guests or pairing with your favourite dip and glass of wine – or gluten-free beer – to perfectly round off the day.

KETTLE® Chips Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar of Modena: £1.99
A classic flavour combination loved throughout the nation and one of KETTLE® Chips’ longest standing seasonings dating back to 1997. The subtle tang of oak-aged balsamic vinegar sourced from Modena in Italy complements the high-quality sea salt perfectly to excite and delight taste buds – making this variety one of KETTLE® Chips’ most iconic flavours.