Mrs Crimble’s launch three brand new gluten-free cake bars

Everyone’s favourite gluten-free cake and bake brand Mrs Crimble’s is set to launch three brand new cake bars in supermarkets from April. 

When you’re out and about doing a spot of shopping, sometimes you just need a sugar-hit to keep those energy levels high, and what could be a more delicious way to stave off those hunger pangs than tucking into a mini-cake bar?!

Mrs Crimble’s has created three new grab­-and­-go cake bars that will let you do just that, which it said “combine delicious flavours with the convenience of being able to grab a gluten­free treat whilst on the move”.

Grab-and-go cake bar flavours
  • Lemon & Poppy Seed
  • Jammy Sponge
  • Double Choc Cake

“They are suitable for lunchboxes, handbags, office drawers and glove compartments. They’re also great for anyone needing a ‘grab-­and­go’ treat to keep the wolf from the door as they’re easy to eat one-­handed – no spoon or fork required – and they are extra moist and gooey, so no nasty crumbs on your lap!” – Mrs Crimble’s

Mrs Crimble’s gluten-free cakes bars will be rolling out to Tesco stores nationwide from April 2017 with an RSP of 80p. 

Source: British Baker