PROPER Snacks launch new PROPERCORN collection for the ultimate night ‘in-in’

In a world where we’re being told to stay in, we may as well stay in-in. So PROPER Snacks are launching the ultimate night-in collection to make sure you’ve got the perfect snacks and comfies on hand.PROPER Snacks

Alongside their two new PROPERCORN flavours, Salted Caramel and Sweet, PROPER are launching a range of limited-edition socks and sliders for your night in this winter.

Salted Caramel, a blend of smooth, sweet caramel seasoning with a salty twist, and the old-school classic Sweet, with its 2020 glow-up make the perfect partners for any streaming session. They are both under 100 calories per serve, with the benefit of being totally vegan, gluten-free, and made using only the finest natural seasonings.

The limited-edition merch range will be available exclusively online, featuring plush, popcorn-covered socks, perfect for climbing into the sofa, and must-have PROPER sliders, used best for a quick trip to the snack cupboard.

With us all spending more time at home, PROPER are encouraging people to fully embrace their night ‘in-in’. They are starting a call to armchairs across the nation by celebrating people whose dedication to their night in is so strong, they have been swallowed up by their sofas.

Founder Cassandra Stavrou said: “As a nation, we’re being told to stay in, but at PROPER, we want to take it one step further, making it the ultimate night ‘in-in’.

“In our first ever merch drop, we’re unashamedly prioritising you, making sure every dive into the sofa is accompanied with comfies and delicious, healthier snacks. It’s time to get stuck in!”

Both Salted Caramel and Sweet are available nationwide now at, or stockists Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Ocado and Waitrose. RRP £1.59 per 90g pack. All products within the night in range are available at RRP £12 for socks and £30 for sliders. Sold separately.