TREK launches new vegan Choc Orange protein bar

Snack time just got better with the launch of TREK’s new ultra-delicious Choc Orange POWER Bar the latest addition to TREK’s POWER range which launched last August…

Choc Orange protein bar100% plant-based, packed with 15g protein and no natural artificial sweeteners, it will fuel your day with natural energy all while satisfying your sweet tooth. Orange you glad healthy snacking doesn’t have to be boring?!

The Choc Orange POWER Bar curbs cravings with a moorish biscuity texture, fudgy base, gooey vegan caramel, covered in a natural alternative to chocolate with a zing of zesty natural orange flavouring. The bar is a perfect balance of 100% plant based ingredients, including carbohydrates, protein and fats giving you long lasting natural energy, powered by plants! So wave goodbye to the 3pm slump and any sugar spikes or lulls and say hello to slow releasing, long lasting, natural energy with guilt free indulgence.

All of TREK’s products are all gluten-free, vegan and GM free and are guaranteed to only use natural sugars and never contain any artificial sweeteners. You can get your hands on the brand-new Choc Orange flavour TREK POWER bar from  Amazon, Sainsbury’s, and BP at an RRP of £1.75. You won’t be disappointed!