We put gluten-free alcohol to the test

See what we at Gluten-Free Heaven HQ thought of a selection of beer garden drinks to hit the aisles…

Bellfield Brewery

Product: Bohemian Pilsner

Price: £29.40 for 12 bottles

No discernable aroma. A light body with a good blend of the bitter and floral tones. Closer in spirit to a premium continental lager. Very refreshing. An excellent beer to quaff on a night out with friends. A classy, GF beer option. www.bellfieldbrewery.com

Verdict: ★★★★★




Product: Dry-hopped Lager

Price: £2.49 per bottle

A very promising aroma of grapefruit and flowers. It’s a gold coloured, fizzy beer that delivers on its hoppy promise. A lager for those who like the tart and tangy IPA beers from the United States. It’s a moreish and drinkable brew perfect for a summer evening or BBQ. www.glutenfreebeers.co.uk

Verdict: ★★★★★




Product: Beer Cut With Peach

Price: £1.80 per bottle

Not as golden as some of the others, but there’s a natural, peachy aroma. A good balance between the fruit and the malted barley. Pleasantly surprised that it isn’t too sweet either. There’s a satisfying, floral aftertaste. It isn’t overly challenging as a beer so would probably appeal to a greater range of beer drinkers. A very impressive beer. www.jubelbeer.com

Verdict: ★★★★★



Thomson and Scott

Product: Organic Prosecco

Price: £17.99

We were looking forward to giving this one a go – prosecco that is organic, vegan and avoids adding unnecessary sugar to the production process. This ’skinny’ prosecco is light, bubbly and deliciously dry. It’s a little pricey, so more of a treat than a weekly purchase, but we like it a lot! There is also a Noughty version too – completely alcohol-free… www.thomsonandscott.com

Verdict: ★★★★★




Product: 6X Gold

Price: £24 for 12 bottles

If you like 6X in its original form, then you are going to love this! Perfect under the hot sun, or round a pub fire in the winter, this is a ‘session’ beer that delivers on taste, aroma and body. www.wadworth.co.uk

Verdict: ★★★★★




Sacred Spirits

Product: Pink Grapefruit Gin

Price: £33.95

Despite using the entire grapefruit (pips and all) the flavour was not overpowering in the slightest and the subtle flavours of pink grapefruit gave this exuberant gin a really special and unique taste! Zesty and refreshing, this makes the perfect summer drink. We tried a splash in a glass of prosecco too which gave it a zingy twist…delicious. www.sacredgin.com

Verdict: ★★★★★



Sacred Spirits

Product: Organic Vodka

Price: £29.95

What could be more summery than a cold V&T sat outside on a lovely day? Sacred’s Organic Vodka brings that to real life with just a hint of hazelnut. It’s warm, yet refreshing and, paired with a half-decent tonic, gives you a complete return on the slightly higher price tag. www.sacredgin.com

Verdict: ★★★★★



Skinny Brand

Product: Premium Lager

Price: £5.50 for 4

Quite simply, it tastes like a great lager – without the calories. Crisp refreshing and easy drinking, it makes for a perfect session beer as it’s light as well as tasty. We were pleasantly surprised with this one. Great BBQ beer! www.skinnybooze.co.uk

Verdict: ★★★★★



Stellar Organics

Product: Running Duck

Price: 8.99

This organic and Fair Trade Chenin Blanc is a steal considering its impressive credentials. With a bright nose and a refreshingly light yet zingy flavour, it’s the perfect ‘drink on the terrace’ kind of tipple. Highly drinkable, this is a new summer favourite for team GFH. Pair it with seafood, a creamy chicken dish or a veg- packed salad. www.stellarorganics.co.za

Verdict: ★★★★★