Alpro launch new range of dairy-free ice-creams in Tesco

Alpro have made their debut in the freezer aisle with a brand new range of dairy-free, vegan ice-creams in Coconut, Vanilla and Hazelnut Chocolate flavours. 


Dairy-free dieters and vegans rejoice, as Alpro have launched a range of premium plant-based ice-creams exclusively in large Tesco stores nationwide this week, with flavours including Vanilla, Hazelnut Chocolate and Coconut (rsp: £3.50/500ml tub). The brand has also said that they are planning to stock the new range of vegan ice-creams in a wider range of stores next year. If you’d like to find your nearest stockist, send Alpro a message via their Facebook page and they will let you know where you can find yourself a tub.

Alpro’s decadent range is made with premium ingredients like bourbon vanilla extract, and contain 30% less sugar and 30% less saturated fats than similar dairy products, yet they still have a deliciously creamy texture without feeling too heavy.  And there’s even more good news as the pots contain no more than 120 calories per 100g. That’s just 600 calories per tub, so dig in!