Asda launches new range of vegan lunch options

Asda has launched a new range of vegan on-the-go lunch options, perfect for people who follow a plant-based diet and want something quick and easy to eat on the go. 

asda vegan lunch

In 2017, Asda became the first supermarket in the UK to commit to improving the labelling of their vegan-friendly products in store by adding The Vegan Society Trademark to suitable products. Asda also published a 7-day guide encouraging shoppers to take their vegan challenge and try going vegan for a week.

Now the supermarket chain is ramping up the number of vegan products available in stores as they announce the launch of new vegan grab-and-go vegan lunch options.

Vegan lunch options

Items include a delicious onion bhaji wrap (£2.50), filled with onions, tomatoes and spices, as well as lettuce – making it the perfect on the go lunch.

Shoppers can also buy a hummus and falafel sandwich (£2.50), which is made using hearty brown bread and lettuce leaves.

There’s also the Mexican bean and rice salad (£2.50), made with turmeric, kidney beans, black eye beans, sweetcorn and chargrilled peppers and onions.

asda vegan lunch

‘Vibrant flavour’

Andrew Johnston, Asda Innovations Chef, comments: “With more and more customers going vegan, we’ve introduced a range which not only answers the dietary needs of the nation, but that also turns favourite foods into vegan-friendly, on-the-go options.

“From onion bhajis – one of the top-selling snacks in the UK – to a light Mexican bean salad, our new range ensures easy eating at any time, and delivers a punch of vibrant flavour in each bite.”

According to Johnson, the range is set to expand in the near future to include more items: “With a greater demand for vegan-friendly versions of everyday popular items, this year will see Asda expand its vegan repertoire even more, with innovative, delicious products in the pipeline for launch throughout 2018.”