Ben & Jerry’s add two brand new ice-cream flavours to dairy-free range

Ice-cream company Ben & Jerry’s have added two brand new vegan flavours to their ever-expanding dairy-free range to be sold in US markets. 

Credit: Ben & Jerry’s

It is no surprise that an ice cream giant like Ben & Jerry’s would want to hop aboard the non-dairy milk train with global sales of dairy-free alternatives predicted to reach $21.7 billion in the next six years. Their two new flavour additions are a good sign that we might be seeing even more new almond milk ice cream flavours in the (hopefully, very near) future!

Unlike Ben & Jerry’s previous announcement of the launch of their vegan ice cream line, where we all waited with bated breath for an official release, you can already find the two new flavours in stores. No official announcement. No social media promotion. The ice cream was sent right to stores. Spotted by Instagrammer @PhillyVeganMonster, the new options are Cherry Garcia (featuring cherries and fudge flakes) and Coconut Seven Layer Bar (which is dotted with fudge chunks, walnuts, and swirls of caramel and graham crackers).

These offerings are an expansion of the company’s existing line of dairy-free ice-creams made with almond milk which was launched in 2016, and which currently includes flavours such as PB & Cookies, Coffee Caramel Fudge, Chunky Monkey, and Chocolate Fudge Brownie.

The company first announced that it would offer vegan almond milk-based options in June 2015, and officially launched the line in grocery stores and scoop shops nationwide in February 2016.

Unfortunately Ben & Jerry’s vegan offerings are currently only available to purchase in the US, and we have no word on when we can get their hands on then in the UK as yet. If you want to see them hitting shelves on this side of the pond, send them a message on Facebook or Twitter, or get in touch with them here.

Source: VegNews, PETA