Brewery experiments with first gluten-free barley

An Edinburgh-based micro-brewery is to trial the world’s first gluten-free barley and open up the prospect of a much wider range of beers for coeliacs and gluten-sensitive drinkers.


Bellfield Brewery, the UK’s first dedicated gluten-free brewer, is a new, family-run brewery with a mission: to craft-brew great tasting beer that’s certified gluten-free. Bellfield’s founders know from personal experience the grief that comes from not being able to find a delicious, UK-brewed, gluten-free craft beer.

The founders of Bellfield Brewery are coeliac and take the production and testing of their beers very seriously, as every single one of their recipes goes through a rigorous testing regime to be certain that they meet the stringent standards required to secure coeliac UK’s “crossed grain” accreditation. They only produce certified gluten-free beer, using Kebari barley, which took scientists in Australia 13 years to perfect.


Kebari has a gluten content of less than five parts per million (ppm), substantially lower than the World Health Organisation’s safe classification of 20 ppm for gluten-free grains, and could significantly simplify production of gluten-free beers. Kebari barley was perfected over 13 years by scientists at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation in Australia by using conventional plant breeding methods. It contains 10,000 times less gluten than regular barley and, at 5 parts per million, falls well within the World Health Organisation’s recommended limit limit of 20ppm.

Brewery manager, Kieran Middleton, said: “Kebari has the potential to be a game-changer, allowing us to brew darker beers with even greater flavour, without using enzymes or other additives.”

Find out where you can buy them on their stockists page. The beers are also be available to purchase via their online store


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