Brewery launches gluten-free beer made from quinoa

Entrepreneur Peter Briggs launched the Autumn Brewing Co. after a friend was diagnosed as being coeliac. The Durham firm has now launched its Alt Brew range of drinks that use grains such as rice, millet and quinoa instead of barley.

Brewery launches gluten-free beer made from quinoa
Autumn Brewing Co. founder Peter Briggs with the brewery’s Alt Brew beers. Photo: r//evolution marketing.

Mr Briggs said: “After two years of research, training and many small scale trial brews using different combinations of naturally gluten-free grains, we are proud to have created Alt Brew, our first range of great tasting gluten-free beers.

“The range is now available to purchase and the feedback we’ve had so far has been great. For those who follow a gluten-free diet, out of necessity or choice, finding high quality, great tasting gluten-free beers brewed from naturally gluten-free ingredients, is a real joy.”

The Alt Brew range of beers currently comes in two varieties but Mr Briggs has plans to increase the range in the coming months. The beers currently on offer are Alt Brew No.01 Bavarian Style Pilsner and Alt brew No.02 English Pale Ale.

Brewery launches gluten-free beer made from quinoa

Autumn Brewing Co’s beers and lager are certified as gluten-free through the Coeliac UK Crossed Grain Symbol scheme and have been independently tested by a United Kingdom Accreditation Service laboratory.

A number of local pubs and shops have already started selling the Alt Brew range including Coppers at Gosforth, The Black Horse in Low Fell and The Lions Den, at Yarm. The beers can also be bought at The Gluten Free Beer Store online.

Mr Briggs added: “As well as offering a range of high quality, and flavoursome, beers which are suitable for people who observe a gluten-free diet, we give all beer drinkers a great alternative to the barley and wheat based beers currently available in the mainstream UK beer market.

“We’re excited to bring these brands to the market and are looking to grow the number of retail outlets across both the on and off trade, whilst further developing the business. The fact that Alt Brew No.01 Bavarian Style Pilsner has already been shortlisted in the FreeFrom Food Awards 2017 is a huge compliment and we’re really looking forward to seeing what the future holds for us.”

Source: Chronicle Live