Can I Eat There? Restaurant Directory Launched


Trying to find a place to eat out when you have food allergies can be a real struggle sometimes.

Can I Eat There? is a new online restaurant and menu directory for those suffering from allergies, seeking to make going out to eat an easier experience.

You can search for a restaurant by location, postcode or name, and then filter it down depending on what allergen you want to avoid or type of cuisine. You are then presented with the results – restaurants suitable for you and your allergen, with information about their suitability alongside their menu and the allergens they are free from.

To make life even easier, you can make an account on the site and it will keep your allergy preferences for when you search for a place to eat out in the future. Read reviews from fellow allergy sufferers so you can make informed decisions about where to eat out.


Founder of the site is Nicky Granger, a mother to a child with nine food allergens. Nicky became determined to make eating out an easier experience for those with or catering to a food allergen, as she struggled to find places which would tell her about the allergens contained in their meals. Partnered with Allergy UK and a number of chefs and nutritionists, Can I Eat There? works with the experts to provide an informative directory.

Nicky still recommends that you …“tell the restaurant about any allergies when making a booking and when placing your order, and confirm your choice of dish and the ingredients when ordering”, to be extra safe.

There are currently around 10,000 restaurants on the website, with plans to keep on expanding that number in the months to come. Yippee!

To find out more, visit the Can I Eat There? website You can also find Can I Eat There? on Facebook & Twitter.