Coeliac sufferer using her business to help others in the East Midlands

Midlands based Coeliac sufferer and Co-Founder of the multi award-winning UK app LoyalFree is determined a new innovative feature of her app will help other sufferers.

UK app LoyalFree

Coeliac disease is a lifelong autoimmune disease caused by a reaction to gluten. 1 in 100 people have the condition (Coeliac UK). If undiagnosed the disease can lead to serious conditions. As such, a completely Gluten Free diet is the only current treatment, which involves food being prepared and cooked separately.

The disease can often lead to sufferers feeling lonely and excluded from socialising from fear of eating out in safe environments and cross contamination.

This lack of reliable information has spurred on multi award winning entrepreneur Sophie Hainsworth to use her business, LoyalFree, to help. Sophie, diagnosed with Coeliac disease 2 years ago, wants to support others to feel safe and informed when they eat out in their local areas and also support the friends and family of sufferers who want to organise social meet ups. Furthermore, the app is free to download so Coeliac sufferers do not have to pay to get hold of this information.

LoyalFree, a multi award winning app for towns and cities, showcases offers, events and information for places around the UK. A trails feature will see a collation of businesses into curated lists to help people experience their local area. One of these trail themes is set to be a ‘Gluten Free’ trails, listing places which supply Gluten Free menus and options to customers.

Regularly finding herself sick during work hours because restaurants and cafes haven’t taken precautions has motivated Sophie to help people understand how serious the consequences really are for Coeliac Sufferers.

LoyalFree currently work in 36 towns and cities and is quickly expanding across the UK. New technology built by Co-Founder Jason Nesbitt will see Trails being introduced in all their areas and used for all kinds of reasons, for example cocktail trails, shopping trails and historic tours.

Sophie comments, saying ‘Our close relationships with Business Improvement Districts and Councils allows us to understand which businesses can cater to Coeliac sufferers, an unrepresented group. I am constantly searching for this information and realised I could use my own business to start to help others; using technology for good. I hope this may spur other businesses to realise the importance of providing reassurance to their customers.’

Gluten Free trails are now available in Loughborough and Leicester and will be rolled out to all the towns and cities on the app soon. To download the LoyalFree app for free now and see where you can use it near you click here:

To find out more about Coeliac disease you can visit the Coeliac UK website.