Coeliac UK launches gluten-free food checker app

Coeliac UK been working with FoodMaestro to develop a new, alternative mobile app to support their members with their gluten-free diet. 

The new Gluten Free Food Checker app works differently to Gluten-free on the Move as it focuses solely on food, however both apps will run alongside each other so Coeliac UK can find out what works best for their members.

Gluten Free Food Checker enables you to search thousands of food products suitable for your gluten-free diet. If you also have other dietary requirements, you can update your food preferences profile by choosing from 14 allergen options, and filtering products that don’t contain those allergens.

The app also has a barcode scanner, lists ingredients and nutritional information for products, and includes readymade product lists as well as our new labelling video to help you choose food from the mainstream supermarket aisles.

Gluten Free Food Checker is only available to Coeliac UK Members and is already included within your current membership fee. This app will work on iPhone models 4 and above and Android smartphones that can download apps from the Google Play store. You will need your existing Coeliac UK username and password to login to the app and WiFi, 3G or 4G connectivity.

Download for Android.

Download for iOS.