Fish and chip stall in Norwich introduces new gluten-free menu

Lucy’s Chips stall has been a mainstay on Norwich market for the last 40 years. But, now under new management, it has been expanded and introduced a new menu to cater for even more customers.

Photo: Marc Betts

Among the new dishes on the menu are a range of gluten free foods to appeal to the growing number of people who are choosing to follow a gluten-free diet. The stall had already specialised in frying its chips in vegetable oil in a bid to appeal to more vegetarians.

The menu now boasts a range of new products that you wouldn’t normally expect to find at a local chippy – including battered halloumi, toad in the hole and calamari.

Barclay Gray who runs the stall, said: “We now have loads of different items available at the stall. Before we were just chips and sausages but now we have expanded out. We have done it to cater to vegetarians and gluten intolerant people but also to bring in different products.

“The reaction has been very good. Customers have said that the stall looks lovely, they’re so pleased that they can now get gluten free fish and chips. Most of our customers were actually unaware that gluten-free food was available.”

Lucy’s Chips has doubled the size of its pitch on the market by taking over a neighbouring stall. And now, with the increased floorspace, a new, larger fryer has been installed.

Mr Gray explained that with this expansion he can fry his fish and gluten-free products separately.

“I think that this is the trend of the moment,” he said. “People want different stuff, which is what we are trying to cater for. All our sausages come from the butchers on the market and they actually make gluten-free sausages for us.” And he added: “We have seen an increase in business.”

Mr Gray has been working hard to turn the second stall, in Row C, into somewhere where people can stop and enjoy their meal. He added: “It has been kept in the family. We’re just carrying on and improving where we can.”

Source: Eastern Daily Press