Gluten-free katsu curry now available at LEON

LEON, the ‘naturally fast food’ restaurant has a growing gluten-free selection

It’s the UK’s first gluten-free katsu curry available on the high street, as the Japanese curry traditionally uses panko breadcrumbs which are hard to replicate. However, LEON seems to have succeeded and are now offering the ‘Lucky Katsu’ across its 63 UK restaurants.

gluten-free katsu curry The meal contains the gluten-free chicken nuggets, served with the katsu curry sauce, served over our Italian brown rice and fresh slaw. It has 761 calories, with 26g of protein, 79g of carbs and 36g of fat.

There are 28 gluten-free options available at LEON, including three different burgers and many hot meal boxes, including the new katsu curry. They also do gluten-free chicken wings which have been very popular since their release.

LEON can be found primarily in the south of England, with 46 locations in London, including at Heathrow, Paddington and Euston. There are three in the north, with two in Manchester and one near Liverpool. Other locations include Birmingham, Northampton, Oxford and Southampton. See where your nearest restaurant is here.

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