Online vegan supermarket launches with over 1000 products for sale

Vegan convenience store GreenBay, which opened in Fulham in August last year, has now launched an online supermarket with over 1000 vegan products for sale. 

Photo: GreenBay

You can now find many of your favourite vegan products for sale on GreenBay’s brand new online vegan supermarket. Every product that GreenBay stock is completely free of animal products and derivatives, including their cosmetic, cleaning and personal care range – which are never tested on animals. This means that when you shop with GreenBay, you can shop with total confidence!

Speaking to The Grocer, first-time retailer and managing director Anderson Caicedo said the new service would allow the supermarket to address the overwhelming demand it receives from customers who live outside of London.

“We have people visiting from different cities, even different countries,” said Caicedo. “It’s a little bit difficult for vegans to find everything in one place. If I go to Tesco or Sainsbury’s I have to go through all the labels to make sure the product doesn’t have any animal derivatives. There’s nothing like Greenbay in London.”

To thank their customers for their support, GreenBay are offering:

  • 20% off when using the launch code LAUNCH20
  • Free goodies to the first 100 online customers
  • Free delivery on orders over £55

You can find over 1000 exciting vegan products for sale at

Source: Vegan Food & Living