Pret A Manger launch brand new vegan menu

Following the success of their all-veggie popup, Pret A Manger have decided to introduce more than 15 vegetarian and vegan options to their menus.


Launching on 5 January, the new bits include three new Veggie Pots, a bunch of fancy new soups, new vegan breakfasts, and the option of coconut milk in all hot drinks.

Here’s what’ll be on offer…

New Veggie Pots:
  • Rainbow Veggie Pot (vegan) – Hummus, chantenay carrots, radishes, and mustard cress, £2.25
  • Asian Greens Veggie Pot (vegan) – Avocado, peas, edamame, and coriander with Asian-inspired dressing and a sprinkling of mixed sesame seeds, £2.25
  • Courgetti Veggie Pot (vegetarian) – Mint and cucumber yoghurt raita topped with spiralized courgettes, chopped mint and parsley. Served with chargrilled red peppers and toasted pine nuts, £2.25


New soups and broths:

These are all dairy-free, gluten-free, and under 250 calories. They’re launching on 5 January.

  • Spiced Corn & Quinoa (vegan) – A delicately spiced, Peruvian-inspired soup, with roasted cumin, coriander seeds, yellow chilli powder, and turmeric mixed with sweetcorn, cauliflower, red quinoa, coriander, and lime juice, £3.45
  • Greens & Grains (vegan) – Spinach, petis pois, broccoli, basil, leek, cavolo nero, onion and garlic, with coconut cream and vegetable bouillon, with brown rice, quinoa, buckwheat, and millet, topped with pumpkin seeds, £3.45
  • Cauliflower & Chickpea Dahl (vegan) – Cauliflower florets, green chickpeas, yellow split peas, lentils, and tomatoes simmered in a vegetable bouillon with ginger, garlic, cumin, coriander, paprika, turmeric, cardamom, black onion seeds and chilli. Topped with coconut flakes. £3.45

From 24 January Pret’s Veggie Miso will also go vegan, and you’ll be able to add fresh ginger or chilli flakes.

New Breakfasts:
  • Mango Chia Pot (vegan) – Dairy-free coconut yoghurt with chia seeds, diced mango, and pomegranate, £2.25
  • Apple & Pomegranate Overnight Oats (vegan) – Gluten-free oats soaked overnight with shredded apple, almond milk, apple juice, and cinnamon, topped with pomegranate seeds and shredded apple, £1.99
  • Pret’s Coconut Porridge (vegan) – The old Five Grain Porridge is getting scrapped in favour of this new porridge, made with gluten-free oats, red quinoa, and coconut milk, £2.65


New Drinks:

All the new hot drinks are launching on 24 January. Pret will also start letting you have coconut milk in all your hot drinks from then on.

  • Hot Shot – A 110ml hot and spicy juice made with orange, turmeric, ginger, and cayenne pepper, £1.99
  • Matcha Green Tea – A combination of oolong, matcha, and white tea, £1.70
  • Turmeric Tonic Tea – Organic ginger and turmeric with a touch of lemon and black pepper, £1.70
  • Rooibos Cacao Tea – A blend of Rooibos, organic cacao, cinnamon, chicory, and coconut, £1.70

Source: The Metro. Image credit: Pret A Manger.