Ready-made vegan and gluten-free pizzas are now sold in Sainsbury’s!

Sainsbury’s supermarket are now stocking ready made vegan pizzas! 

Ready-made vegan pizzas are now sold in Sainsbury’s!

Recently, the supermarket giant has been making huge strides in offering customers more vegan optionsin stores, and White Rabbit Pizza is their latest addition.

White Rabbit Pizza’s vegan pizzas are gluten-free

The company who make the vegan pizzas is White Rabbit Pizza, which was founded by three friends who are mad about the Italian food!

Not all of White Rabbit’s pizzas are vegan, but they are all gluten free, and White Rabbit have developed their vegan range so Sainsbury’s can sell pizzas that are suitable for almost everyone.

All the ingredients used in White Rabbit Pizza’s are organic, and the team have said that their goal is to ‘make authentic, delicious, high-quality pizza accessible to as many people as possible.’

Teo, the Italian pizza mastermind in the operation believes that pizza is ‘supposed to be inclusive, not exclusive’ so developing a vegan range fits right in with the inclusive ethos of the company.

What flavours will be in the range of vegan pizzas? 

The new range will include at least two delicious vegan pizza options, including the ‘Viva La Vegan’ which is topped with vegan cheese, pesto and sun-dried tomato, as well as the ‘Smokin’ Vegan’, which is topped with smokey vegan cheese, peppers and olives.

The pizzas are priced at £4.99 each, making them an affordable option for vegans looking for a tasty takeaway meal that won’t break the bank.