Sainsbury’s launch their own range of gluten-free bread

This week, Sainsbury’s announced the launch of their very own brand of gluten-free bread to its in store bakeries – making them the only supermarket to offer gluten-free bread that has been freshly baked in store.

In a first to market move, Sainsbury’s will now be providing six varieties of gluten-free bread at 188 of its in store bakeries.

Existing Freefrom bread products – which sit under the pre-packed Deliciously Freefrom range – have performed strongly with customers, driving the supermarket giant to look into creating their own range of gluten-free bread to be baked fresh in store.

This new move to freshly baked gluten -free bread addresses the increasing demand from customers seeking to avoid gluten and wheat allergens, whether for dietary or lifestyle reasons.

We have no word as yet on how the store will deal with cross-contamination in their bakeries, but hopefully the retailer has taken great care to ensure that the gluten-free bread is safe for those with coeliac disease.

EDIT: We have since heard from our readers that apparently the gluten-free breads are baked in a dedicated gluten-free factory, where they are then sealed in a bag within the factory. The breads are then baked in the bags so there’s no risk of cross contamination. We have also been told that there are large signs in store that make it clear that the loaves are not suitable for in store slicing due to cross contamination. 

The new in store bakery gluten-free bread varieties, available in 188 stores, include:

7806727 JS Gluten Free White Farmhouse Loaf 400g      £2.30
7806733 JS Gluten Free Seeded Farmhouse Loaf 400g      £2.30
7806737 JS Gluten Free Seeded Rolls 2 pack      £1.50
7806741 JS Gluten Free Seeded Baton      £1.50
7806746 JS Gluten Free White Baton      £1.50
7806750 JS Gluten Free White rolls 2 pack      £1.50

To find your nearest stockist, please contact Sainsbury’s via Facebook or Twitter

Source: Sainsbury’s