Schär’s new gluten-free chocolate range now available at Morrisons

Schär UK has launched three new gluten-free chocolate products, which can now be found in Morrisons stores throughout the UK.

schar gluten-free chocolate

The ‘Mini Dippers’ are the first in the range. These great snacks combine mini Italian breadsticks with delicious chocolate dip. Schär’s new ‘Tempties’ are also ones to watch – their praline centres covered in layers of crunchy wafer and milk chocolate remind us of Ferrero Rochers! Finally, the new ‘Melto’ wafers are filled with creamy hazelnut centres and coated in milk chocolate.

Schär is known for its incredibly wide range of gluten-free, wheat-free and vegetarian foods. These new additions will definitely appeal to the chocolate-lovers among us, as well as anyone with a sweet tooth!

Find the new Schär chocolate range at Morrisons here.