Starbucks rolls out gluten-free options in the U.S.

The chain made famous for its coffee is taking steps to beef up its food business, by offering more gluten-free and vegan food options across U.S. stores starting Tuesday, according to a press release.

Starbucks’ new food offering is a gluten-free smoked Canadian bacon and egg sandwich. Photo: Starbucks

Gluten-conscious customers can now enjoy Starbucks’ first gluten-free breakfast sandwich, which is comprised of Canadian bacon, an egg patty and cheddar cheese on a gluten-free roll.

Starbucks said the sandwich will be prepared in a “certified gluten-free environment” and sealed in its own bag in order to avoid any gluten contamination, which can pose serious threats to those individuals who have coeliac disease.

On Tuesday, the coffee giant also announced the launch of a vegan-friendly sprouted grain bagel, an organic avocado spread, two new fruit-filled yogurt parfaits and a peanut butter cup cookie. All of these items will be available in Starbucks’ U.S. stores starting Tuesday, the release said, just in time for the change of seasons.

Unfortunately we have no word on when the gluten-free menu will be available in the UK, but you can get in touch with Starbucks on Facebook or Twitter to let them know we’d love to see it here too!