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Taster Tots

Encouraging children to try new foods in a fun and exciting way!
Let their love of food take flight.

When Claire, a mum to two young children, noticed that her toddler was more willing to try new foods when his friends were around, if he was in a fun environment, or if he was involved in the process of the cooking, she began to test a theory – would other toddlers also be less fussy if they were around their friends?

The results were amazing! When one toddler said they loved carrots, natural toddler instinct and competition would kick in; “I want carrots too”, “Where’s my strawberry?”, “Its my turn to try the scrambled eggs”.

Now, once a week, Claire organises a play date with a difference.

Each week, her friends bring their toddlers around for dinner, and Claire has a different recipe introducing new foods that the children may not have tried before. She often includes the children in the preparation and cooking of the food, and there is always a fun activity tied in too. The recipes are simple and inexpensive, with a real ambition that the toddlers will actually enjoy  them (no mackerel pizzas found here!).

So far Claire has noticed huge improvements! At the dinner table, the children now push themselves to be more independent eaters like their friends, using cutlery and not relying on mums help like they often do at home. They listen carefully to the instructions, take turns in helping, identifying different colours, differentiate between fruit and vegetables, are more willing to help tidy up after a meal – the list is literally endless.

So why not join them once a week and try a new toddler friendly recipe to get your children enjoying food in a truly fun and exciting way too.
Each Monday a new recipe is published on the website that has already received the Taster Tots stamp of approval, and they would love to hear your stories, see your photos and get your feedback.

If you have any recipe ideas or food tips for encouraging children to try new foods, Claire would love to hear from you. You can contact her via her website, www.taster-tots.com, or alternatively via her Facebook page.