Tesco launch their own range of vegan cheeses in stores

After sales of Sainsbury’s vegan cheese range exceeded predictions by 300%, it’s no surprise to see that Tesco are keen to get a slice of the action with the launch of their very own range of vegan cheese…

Tesco blue cheese
Photo: Bute Island Foods/Facebook

When Sainsbury’s announced the launch of their extensive range of vegan cheese in stores across the country in Autumn 2016, it was met with joy by vegans and dairy-free dieters up and down the country!

The range was even more popular than the supermarket giant could’ve hoped for, so popular in fact that sales exceeded predictions by over 300%! So it comes as no surprise to hear that Tesco are keen to get a slice of the cheesy action, and have teamed up with Bute Island Foods, who also make Sainsbury’s range of vegan cheeses, to create their very own range of soy and coconut based cheeses.

What’s in the new range of soy and coconut based cheeses?
  • Blue Style Wedge (with mould effect)
  • Cheddar Style with Jalapeno & Chilli
  • Mature Cheddar Wedge
  • Smoked Cheddar Style (round)
  • Wensleydale Style with Cranberries
  • Sliced Red Leicester Style
  • Grated Mozzarella Style
  • Grated Hard Italian Style (Parmesan)
  • Soft Cheese

The new range is available in most stores now!

Source: Vegan Food & Living